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The Horse Affect

The Horse-Human Connection


The Horse Affect is a non-profit organization created to ensure that everyone who would benefit from equine assisted activities has access to them and to further research in the area. Unfortunately, locally many people, especially children, do not have insurance or other resources to be able to access health services. For instance, autistic children who have been making progress in therapy have had to stop it because there families can no longer affford necessary therapy. You can help by donating money for scholarships. Items needed include: cones, barrels, hula hoops, gravel, fill dirt, shavings, wood boards, brushes, buckets, and hay.






The Horse Affect envisions a world where effective mental health services like equine assisted psychotherapy are available to all who need them and continued research provides treatment options for a wide array of populations.


The mission of The Horse Affect is to provide scholarships that allow those individuals (children and adults), who can benefit and are in need, access to equine assisted psychotherapy and to provide sound, empirical research and data on the effects of equine assisted psychotherapy.


The fiscal agent for The Horse Affect is Of One Accord Ministries. Donations can be made on-line through the "Donate Here" link above. For more information please e-mail


Thank you!

The Kresge's Krew Foundation is a wonderful sponsor of the Connections: Horses Helping Autism Spectrum Children program at Pinnacle Ranch. The Kresge's Krew Foundation is dedicated to creating awareness about the fight against autism while lending a helping hand to those without the means to receive the proper treatment and therapies.

Junior League of Kingsport is a faithful sponsor that has helped children and girls receive mental health treatment that they would otherwise not have had because they could not afford it. 

The Kingsport Community Foundation has kindly supported the Joining the Herd: Living Skills for Youth program that nurtures positive thoughts and behaviors, social skills, self-awareness, and effective decision making; allowing juveniles to learn from experiences and improve their lives. The evidence-based, equine assisted cognitive-behavioral therapy program utilizes interactive and hands-on activities that increase participants’ behavioral-life and social skills.